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View our official Health & Safety statement

  • 691KB
  • PDF

View our Welfare Statement

  • 68KB
  • PDF

View our Food Safety and Quality statement

  • 54KB
  • PDF

View our full Modern Slavery statement

  • 328KB
  • PDF

View our Environmental Policy

  • 48KB
  • PDF

Avara's Environmental Policy

View our Energy policy statement

  • 53KB
  • PDF

View our COVID-19 statement

  • 82KB
  • PDF

Our statement relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

View our Human Rights policy

  • 646KB
  • PDF

View our Tax Strategy statement

  • 459KB
  • PDF

View our Supplier Code of Conduct

  • 560KB
  • PDF

View our Sustainable Soy Policy

  • 270KB
  • PDF

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