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Ethics and People

Everyone matters

We pride ourselves on being a business where our people make the difference, and that only happens with firm foundations in place.

It starts with an inclusive culture where everyone is welcome and is able to make a meaningful contribution to our success. We’re a company where everyone has a voice and is encouraged to speak up - whatever the reason - without worrying about the consequences.

It’s where people are safe, both from physical harm and from the threat of exploitation. Good Health and Safety is right at the heart of what we stand for: we are adamant that there is nothing so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely. We’re equally clear that slavery has no place in modern Britain and work hard to ensure it doesn’t appear in our supply chain.

Avara Foods is a place where opportunity exists for anyone who seeks it out, regardless of background. Whether it’s through being granted responsibility, prospects for development or aptitude and attitude-based progression, our opportunities offer exciting career pathways that are open to everyone.

View our full Modern Slavery statement

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View our official Health & Safety statement

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