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Growing a greener future

Modern poultry production is one of the most sustainable sources of meat, and our aim is to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum.

We do this in a number of ways:

Careful control

Whether it’s a permitted farm, our largest processing site or anything in-between, we stay on top of regulations and manage our business efficiently, effectively and with great care. We were the first poultry producer with sites certified to ISO50001 standards for energy management and this will be complemented by ISO140001 in the near future.

Resource conservation

Where possible, we aim to reduce the resources we use, or alternatively, find renewable sources. The majority of our farms are powered by renewable energy sources; we purchase blue energy where renewables aren’t an option and we continually look for ways to bring our consumption down.

Prudent packaging

Raw poultry needs to be packaged in a way that promotes food safety, but not at the expense of the environment. That means reducing the amount of plastic and making sure that what we use can be recycled.

Waste not

Our aim is to find a home for everything, whether it’s recyclable material, animal droppings or inedible parts of a bird. We take pride in avoiding waste wherever we can and always endeavour to do more.

Achievements to date

We were the first poultry manufacturer in the UK to have a BSI certified ISO50001 energy management system.
Over the last 3 years, we have reduced our grid electricity consumption by 8.9GWh. The reduction in electricity consumption is equivalent to 3,501,068 kgCO2e.
Low Carbon
We are supportive of low-carbon technologies and many of our farms are self-sufficient in meeting their own heat demand.
Low Impact
We procure all our electricity from blue energy that has lower GHG impact than coal-based power.
We participate in the global movement to minimise plastic usage and have adopted actions in our product design to reduce overall plastic usage and include recyclable plastic.
Low Waste
Our waste management strategy includes ‘zero waste to landfill’.
Our environmental management systems mitigates environmental issues, addresses water usage, waste management and mitigates air pollution.

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