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Our Animals

Health and wellbeing


We are committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of the animals in our care. All of our sites are Red Tractor assured as a minimum and subject to high standards and regular audits. In practice, good welfare means:

  • Understanding the individual needs of each species and making sure they are met.
  • Monitoring the tell-tale signs of good welfare.
  • Demanding continual improvement from the teams charged with their care.

We firmly believe that the single most important factor in providing high standards of welfare is people. That’s why we employ, and work with, professional, experienced farm teams and provide them with the training and support they need to look after their birds. This support includes technical advice and standards, regular internal and external audits, support from their management team and veterinary backup if required.

Alongside this we recognise the need to continually invest – in facilities, training and technology as well as new farming approaches. Our work with one of our veterinary partners has led to the introduction of natural remedies as a means of improving the gut health of chickens and reducing the need for antibiotics later in their life.

High Standards

Capping it all is close monitoring; from daily checks of health and wellbeing on the farm to statistical reviews and analysis of welfare outcomes. We use a wealth of information to ensure overall high standards across our business.

Read our 2022 Welfare Report

Facts about farming

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