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Our Communities

Positive impact

We play an important role in our local communities.

The locations of our UK sites not only form our business network, but are also home to our people and neighbours. We’re conscious of our influence as a large business, and so, make every effort to ensure we make a positive impact wherever possible. This all begins with paying attention to what’s going on around us. It means working together, listening to feedback and responding with the appropriate support. We believe that, with the right skills, resources and approach, we are in a fantastic position to make a long-lasting difference to those around us.

One of the organisations we support is FareShare, a charity fighting hunger and malnourishment by redistributing surplus food to charities across the UK. We are proud to have become the first major poultry processor to consistently deliver chicken to FareShare, and are constantly looking for ways to further our reach.

For many charities, providing food is an essential form of support and opens up access to a wider range of services for those in need. A regular supply of our chicken also means that charities can plan their meals more effectively, around reliable deliveries of fresh, healthy protein.  

Our commitment

Whether it be fundraising for a charity or mentoring local students, we’re constantly looking for new ways to support local schools and communities. This commitment spans across all of our sites and applies to each and every person associated with us.

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