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And the winner is....

Avara Foods scoops Innovation of the Year 2022

Last night, 6th July, 2022 we won 'Innovation of the year' at the National Egg and Poultry awards.

Working with our partners, Sonas, we've installed new technology into our hatcheries that eliminates health and safety risks, improves egg quality, improves animal welfare and requires the use of less chemical - so more environmentally friendly too.  Not only that, we're already seeing improvements in farm performance.

In summary, it's a new way of sanitising and disinfecting the hatchery and suppressing pathogens that can affect chick health.  Our new approach eliminates human contact with the chemicals (safer), uses targeted, exact doses with less waste (more environmentally friendly), and is more effective at suppressing harmful pathogens (welfare).  All those factors mean that those chick are in better health so perform better on farm.

Just as important as the innovation, is our intent.  We are in the midst of difficult economic conditions and tough trading, but we also know that successful business have to maintain investment to stay ahead.  Whether it's unique packaging, like our wholebird bags or portion pouches, advanced robotics, like our bespoke automated dolav handling technology, or this award winning innovation in hatcheries, we're still investing for the future and leading from the front.

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