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Another year of progress across our ESG agenda

We've published our 2023 Responsible Business Report, summarising our our progress and key achievements over the last year.

We've published our 2023 Responsible Business report under our For Good brand, demonstrating that despite a challenging market environment we remains on track to achieve our ambitious ESG agenda.

The report is our annual update under our For Good Responsible Business agenda, detailing achievements across five key themes: Our Planet, Our People, Our Animals, Our Consumers and Our Communities. By looking at these themes holistically, we are able to understand the impact our business and supply chain, making consistent progress on all fronts.

Highlights in the latest 2023 Report include:

  • Outperforming our 2030 Science Based Target trajectory for GHG emissions by focusing on absolute reductions - through less packaging, better energy efficiency and feed innovation.
  • Sector leading progress on carbon foot-printing and GHG reduction.
  • Driving improvements in animal welfare and leading the transparency agenda.
  • Ahead of target for Champions 12:3
  • Progress against our inclusivity mission, with specific initiatives to help achieve our target of 40% of women in leadership positions.
  • On track to deliver our River Wye Roadmap year ahead of schedule in 2024.
  • 250,000 meals donated to FareShare in the last year, reflecting a decade long relationship.

Commenting on progress, Avara’s Chief Executive, Andy Dawkins said, “The difficulties facing us, and other food businesses, are well known, but this report demonstrates how acting responsibly is embedded into the way we do business. We’ve had to make some exceptionally difficult decisions this year, we’ve continued to focus on working the right way: with care and respect, that’s what our For Good approach is all about”.

People, Communication and Sustainability Director, Andrew Brodie, commented “Striking a successful balance between delivering products that are affordable to consumers, while also ensuring they are produced ethically and sustainably, is the challenge we thrive on delivering against, every single day. Over the last four years we’ve set ourselves ambitious targets, particularly our SBTI commitments to reduce our environmental impact. To see the strides we have made so far is a huge credit to the team at Avara, our farmers and our customers, who we work closely with on this agenda and will continue to do so in the future”.

You can read full report here 

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