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Avara Foods launches Love Your Turkey Leftovers campaign

Avara Foods launches the Love your Turkey Leftovers campaign.

Avara Foods, one of the UK’s largest turkey producers, is excited to launch the Love Your Turkey Leftovers campaign. This has been developed recognising some families this year may have a little more turkey leftover than usual, with potentially smaller groups sitting down for Christmas dinner.

Turkey is a delicious, affordable and versatile meat, and remains the UK’s favourite Christmas dinner centrepiece. Finishing up tasty turkey leftovers in the days following Christmas has long been a British tradition, but the Love Your Turkey Leftovers campaign aims to encourage people to consider some fresh new ideas.

The campaign is promoting a series of 12 delicious, fun and easy-to-follow recipes people can try with store cupboard ingredients. Ranging from Christmas pizza with turkey and cranberries, to turkey and stuffing sausage rolls and turkey tacos, there’s something for everyone.

Details of the campaign will be shared on product packaging, helping spread the word. The Love Your Turkey Leftovers website,, is live and its sister Instagram page, @loveyourturkeyleftovers, will be encouraging people to share pictures of what they rustle up.

While a light-hearted campaign, aimed at giving cooks some fun new ideas to try this festive season, the Love Your Turkey Leftovers message also has a serious side. Jacqueline Fennell, Head of New Product Development at Avara Foods commented, “We’re strong advocates of reducing food waste and recognise the festive season is one of those times hosts want to ensure there’s lots of choice for everyone, so often over-cater. The likelihood of this is increased this year with potentially fewer people visiting one another, so we’re pleased to share recipes to help combat wasting any turkey leftovers.”

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