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Avara Foods participates in 24 Hours in Farming campaign to promote the great work of the poultry sector

Avara Foods participates in 24 Hours in Farming campaign 2019

Avara Foods participated in the recent UK-wide initiative 24 Hours in Farming to help promote the great work and high standards of the British poultry sector. 24 Hours in Farming is the agricultural industry’s biggest online event and encourages farmers to show the general public a typical working day through the power of social media.

Tweeting images from company and contract chicken, turkey and duck farms across England and Wales, Avara Foods wanted to dispel any public misconceptions about the wider industry. Showing clean and light bird houses, explaining biosecurity measures and sharing images of happy healthy birds, the company showed consumers the lengths poultry farmers go to ensure the health and welfare of the birds in their care.

From ducks dappling in fresh straw, to day-old chicks dashing around exploring their new home, to turkeys receiving new litter, the company tried to give a broad view of its day-to-day agricultural activities.

“I’m delighted we participated in this year’s 24 Hours in Farming campaign, as traditionally the poultry industry has shied away from such initiatives,” commented John Reed, Agricultural Director at Avara Foods. “We were pleased to receive such positive reactions from the public and the wider farming community. We’re proud of what we do and I think it’s important that consumers understand where their food comes from.  Campaigns like this are an ideal complement to the Open Farm Sunday programme and other public events we participate in.”

British Poultry Council Chief Executive Richard Griffiths said “Such initiatives are helping inform our consumers and stakeholders about the ways in which we, as a sector, prioritise bird health and welfare. Proactive storytelling is enabling us to demonstrate leadership, raising awareness about the ways in which we nurture skills and highlight our contribution to national food security.”

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