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'Back to school' guide for COVID

'Back to school' COVID GUIDE.

Over the past three months, as lockdown has relaxed, we have seen potential risk being introduced outside of our work environment.  Schools reopening takes this risk to a higher level but, with the right guidance and by doing the right things, we can see open schools as a positive step towards normality. 

Just as we have been working hard throughout the pandemic to create a “new normal”, where people are safe and we can keep producing great food for our customers, schools have been planning their opening carefully and have implemented many measures and procedures to maintain the safety of their staff and our children.  

However, bringing children back together and with autumn approaching there may be more instances of coughs and colds, sniffles and temperatures and we need to be cautious as to what to do in these situations. 

Here is some guidance for us all and particularly parents of schoolchildren: 

Scenario 1: Your child develops cold or flu-like symptoms: 

  • Contact the school and agree steps in relation to child’s attendance. 
  • Contact Avara and advise us that a member of your household has potential COVID symptoms and let us know what steps are being proposed by the child’s school. 
  • Arrange a test for your child as soon as possible and isolate yourself and other household members until the results are confirmed.  If you need help arranging a test please tell us immediately. 
  • If the test result is negative you should return to work. 
  • If the test result is positive you must isolate for the full 14 days. 
  • You must inform us of the test result, whether it is negative or positive. 

Scenario 2: Your child’s school asks them to isolate as a precaution (they have no symptoms): 

  • Your child must isolate at home in line with guidance from their school. 
  • As the isolation is precautionary, you should continue to attend work. 
  • If your child cannot be left at home alone, and you have no other childcare options, contact us to see how we can help. 
  • If your child develops symptoms at any point, inform the school and follow the steps in scenario 1. 

These are challenging times and the arrival of seasonal flu will bring more uncertainty.  However if we all act responsibly and work with our local schools we can manage through this effectively. Remember, keep us informed as outlined in the scenarios above, and we will support you and your family to do the right thing, if you need to stay away from work because of COVID-19. 

If we are all careful, aware and behave responsibly we can keep each other, and our families safe, and continue to feed the nation. 

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