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Environmental progress published in our first dedicated ‘Our Planet’ report

We've published our first 'Our Planet' report, summarising our environmental progress over last 12 months and our targets and commitments moving forward.

We’ve published our 2022 ‘Our Planet’ report under the umbrella of our responsible business brand, For Good.

Earlier this month we published our 22' Responsible Business Report that covered our whole sustainability agenda, and now, we're ready to share 'Our Planet’, focusing specifically on environmental matters, and delving into more detail. 

As a food company who helps feeds millions of people our business has an inevitable footprint, and we recognise our has the potential to be significant. Our initial focus has been on fully understanding this, through a robust and comprehensive science-based approach, with accurate data at the heart of it. We’re taking action to reduce our supply chain impacts and our Science-Based targets provide a clear line of sight for reducing our emissions and ensuring we stay on course to meet our NetZero commitment by 2040. 

Within the report you can read about some of the highlights, including: 

  • Outperforming our Science Based Targets 
  • Significant reductions in energy and water consumption 
  • Our first ever water footprint 
  • Waste reductions underpinned by our zero waste to landfill commitment 

Despite a year of challenging business conditions, we have continued to take positive steps forward across our environmental agenda, and it’s encouraging to see the progress we’ve made, and our position at the forefront of the sector in many of these areas. 

You can read this document here

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