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Inclusivity in Action

Inclusivity in Action

We are proud to launch our ‘Menopause Movement’. Developed for everyone in Avara, it’s an important part of our commitment to be a truly inclusive employer and a great example of how we’re building a culture of care.

Women in, or entering, the menopause are one of the fastest growing demographics in the workplace, but the effects of menopause bring their own challenges and difficulties.  We want everyone to feel safe and supported, and that starts by breaking the taboo: making the menopause something that people are comfortable talking about.

Menopause isn’t just an issue for women, it’s a subject that men need to understand too.  Armed with knowledge, awareness and an environment where it’s ok to talk, we can give everyone the assistance they need, however they may need it.  This fits with our culture of being a company where everyone has a voice and is encouraged to speak up - whatever the reason - without worrying about the consequences.

Our new Menopause Hubs are now live and share a range of resources, personal experiences, help, links and information for those on their menopause journey, managers, friends, family and work colleagues.  Although its early days we’ve already received some great feedback and are starting to see examples where even the smallest actions are making a big difference.

This is just the beginning of a companywide commitment we will build on it over time.


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