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New packaging has first award 'in the bag'

New packaging has first award 'in the bag'

 We’re always looking for ways to improve our packaging, as well as the great tasting products they protect. We recently brought an industry first to the market – whole bird packaging that doesn’t require the traditional plastic tray as the chicken is held in a strong but flexible bag.

This new whole bird packaging has scooped its first innovation award, from one of our customers. This was made in recognition of the fact this is a first-to-market solution, well executed by us and a great advance for our customer. Being recognised for our innovation by a strategic partner is a major achievement and real credit for a good job well done. We have a pedigree of bring innovative packaging to the fore and using bags to replace the traditional tray packaging method is a fundamental change, already bringing real benefits to retailers and consumers.

We’re the first company to pack whole birds this way, but our innovation extends to more products and customers than that. Our customers have shelves that stand out thanks to our products and you'll find chicken portions in super-convenient pouches too.

As well as being more efficient to produce this new packaging, it makes kitchen life easier too - you can easily cook our chicken without having to touch raw meat at all while using around 50% less plastic makes this packaging greener too.

Upon making the award, our customer commented “There have been significant merchandising benefits that have enabled us to improve availability for customers, which is so important at the moment. Avara led this piece of work in its usual collaborative manner and the result was a first-to-market launch on such a key change, so thank you, and well done to everyone involved at Avara.”

Chris Hall, Chief Commercial Officer at Avara Foods commented, “Of course, this kind of success can't happen in isolation and these new products are great examples of supply chains working together beautifully - retailers, teams across Avara and our suppliers have worked as one to launch products that I'm sure have made our competitors sit up and take notice. With advantages like that it's no wonder the first award is 'in the bag', and I'll bet there more to come too.”

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