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Open Farm Sunday 2019

Open Farm Sunday 2019

We’re proud to have taken part in the Open Farm Sunday 2019 programme of events, with three of the farms we work with participating. Open Farm Sunday has been devised by the organisation LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) as a way for the public to learn about farming first hand.

The campaign unites all aspects of the agricultural industry to showcase the goods and services UK farming delivers, and the positive impact it has on all our lives. It’s a great way for companies like ours to explain how we work and the processes that bring foods from the field to plate.

This year we welcomed people to chicken and turkey farms. Visitors had the chance to see our birds’ rearing environments, learn how we breed and care for them, and even handle chicks!

We’re proud to be part of the LEAF Open Farm Sunday programme. As part of our commitment to be transparent and educate consumers about where foods come from, we relish the chance to work with our farmers to introduce the public to the agri-foods process.

We very much look forward to Open Farm Sunday 2020! You can keep up to date with our events by checking the Avara Foods website or by following @AvaraFoods on Twitter.

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