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Our inclusivity agenda takes another step forwards

Our inclusivity agenda takes another step forwards.

We are really pleased and excited to say that Avara Foods has become a strategic partner for Meat Business Women.

Meat Business Women is a network to support women in the meat industry.  Covering the whole sector, not just poultry, Meat Business Women run a variety of events, networking opportunities and a mentorship scheme to help champion women in the global meat industry.

From the very beginning, we have been a truly inclusive business; one that values diversity and harnesses the advantages that come from different ideas, perspectives and experiences. This doesn’t happen on its own.  It requires purposeful actions and our strategic partnership with Meat Business Women will play an important part in ensuring we are a business where everyone can be the best version of themselves

We’ve been working with Meat Business Women for a little while now, and the feedback has been really positive, which is what encouraged us to formalise the relationship.  There are two benefits that we hope to realise immediately from our strategic partnership.

Firstly, we hope that the Meat Business Women network brings real benefit to people at Avara, with opportunities to learn, network and progress.  We receive a number of individual memberships, which open up a wealth of information, support and experience that will add real value.

Secondly, we want to be an appealing career option for more women in what has, historically, been a mostly male sector.  More than ever, with the labour in short supply, it simply doesn’t make sense to shrink that potential pool even further by inadvertently excluding large chunks of society.

From mentorships to conferences and networking opportunities, there’s a host of support that comes from a Meat Business Women membership and they are open to ANYONE in Avara. Our aim is to create a thriving network that gives women across Avara the support, knowledge and inspiration to achieve their goals.  To make this happen, we’re looking for individuals that will make the most of the opportunities on offer, not just for themselves but for others in Avara too.  

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