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Our roadmap for the future management of poultry manure

Our plan to mitigate the impact of our supply chain on the condition of the River Wye

We have published our plan that outlines the ways in which, over the next two years, we will ensure that our supply chain is no longer contributing to excess phosphate in the River Wye.

Our supply chain includes 120 farms within the catchment, which provide millions of people in the UK with healthy, natural and affordable protein.  We are proud to be a vital part of the UK’s food production, but recognise that the wider impact must be managed.

Our plan is based on accurate data from our supply chain, giving us an clear picture of our contribution to the issue.  Our remedy revolves around new ways of managing the poultry manure from our supplying farms, directing it away from the land where possible or with enhanced land management standards in place where it continues to be applied.

We have consistently said that the origins of the problem, and implementing the necessary solutions, are not within the power of any single organisation.  The situation in the Wye is a jigsaw puzzle of connected challenges and solutions, and it will require collaboration between all interested parties to fully address all of the root causes and return the Wye back to health.

We have publicly committed to do our part, and have published an overview of our plans here, but there is a very real risk that our actions alone will not be enough to reverse the decline of the River.  Everyone that plays a part in the river’s current condition must also play their part reversing it, with campaign groups and local Government providing support and encouragement, to ensure that progress is swift and successful.

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