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Sustainable CO2 comes to Avara

Our first delivery of CO2 from a new, sustainable source, has arrived

We have welcomed our first delivery of CO2, with a difference.  Moving away from traditional production methods, we have partnered with RenEco to utilise a greener alternative and further develop a circular economy.

The majority of CO2 used in the UK comes from Europe, and is a byproduct of fertiliser production, often using fossil fuels.  Avara’s CO2 supply from RenEco utilises poultry manure as a feedstock within its anaerobic digesters, to create a host of products, including biofuel and CO2.

Long recognised as an excellent fertiliser for farmland, spreading poultry manure on the land leaves a wealth of untapped value in the ground.  RenEco are leading the way in realising that value, using poultry manure, alongside other feedstuffs, to generate energy, as well as create commercial-grade CO2 and biofuel.  There’s a strong market for CO2, particularly within the food and drink sector and we anticipate that, by utilising a source that’s close to home, the risk of shortages, like those in 2021, will be a thing of the past.

Andrew Brodie, Director for People & Sustainability, explains the change, “Our experience over the last five years has shown that a well-designed sustainability agenda brings commercial opportunities and benefits – and this is just one example.  CO2 is a critical resource in our business, so if there’s an opportunity to protect that supply, unlock value, all with a smaller logistics footprint, in a circular economy that uses our poultry manure, we’re going to take it.”

Establishing a more sustainable source of CO2 is just the latest development in our industry leading responsible business agenda, For Good.  Covering every aspect of our business, operations and supply chain, For Good ensures that we are delivering today, while looking after tomorrow.

Back in 2021 we committed to meet Science Based Targets for carbon emission reduction and, since then, we have consistently stayed ahead of its target trajectory.  In 2021 our new packaging, the first of its kind in the sector, reduced the amount of plastic needed by up to 50%.  These achievements have been underpinned by robust, accurate and comprehensive data – recognised by others when we were the first poultry business invited to join the BRC Mondra coalition and help develop a consistent method for calculating the carbon footprint of individual products.

“Identifying opportunities to extract value from waste and support circular economies are helping us accelerate the move away from fossil fuels.  And it’s not just the CO2 that has green credentials – RenEco’s haulage fleet is amongst the first in the UK to run solely on bio-LNG produced in the same facility as the CO2.  In fact, our new facility will produce enough bio-LNG for 8 million fossil-free HGV miles.  This shows that we need to change the way we think about waste, and recognise the value, and opportunities it can bring.” – William Wykes, RenEco Director

You can find out more about our progress delivering our commitment to act For Good at

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