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Up and running in Wednesbury

After only 8 weeks, production has started at Wednesbury

After just a couple of months since taking on a new site, yesterday we acheived achieved a major milestone at Wednesbury: successful production, with a team of 25 deboning thigh fillet.

Although not yet fully functional, Wednesbury's start is an important trial period that allows us to optimise equipment and train key skills for when we commence production of a wider range of products. 

In just 8 weeks, the team on site have installed over 1200m of pipework for water, gas and air and over 1600m of cables to the new lines and ancillary equipment.  This is a huge achievement and a real team effort, with people from across Avara helping make this launch a success. 

We have committed around £4.7million to our new facility which will eventually be home to a team with a diverse range of skills and supplying some of the UK’s leading supermarkets and popular restaurants. As part of the site development we’ve committed to a full refurbishment of the amenities too so, while we’re using temporary facilities at the moment, we hope to be fully open in January.

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