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Supply Chain

      • To produce great tasting, high quality and safe food for our customers, complete control of our supply chain is key

      • We want to ensure our customers have full confidence in us. Confidence in our products. Confidence in the provenance of our ingredients. Confidence in our processes.

        This is how we do things.

      • Parent Stock

        Our egg laying birds are supplied by specialist breeders. Our hens are housed in large barns where we can keep an eye on their health, nutrition and welfare. Making parent birds part of our supply chain means we can control our egg supply, whilst knowing exactly what’s gone into the food chain.

    1. Egg Production

      Every egg is collected by hand then washed, cleaned and examined before being sent to the hatchery.

      • Agriculture

        Provenance is our priority. We have full control over our eggs, birds and feed, meaning we’re able to trace each product back to its root. We’re proud to have some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and passionate farming teams in the business.

      • Feed & Raw Material

        The main ingredients in our feed are wheat, barley, field beans and oil seed rape from the UK, with soya added for protein. We adjust the quantities of each to suit the breed and age of our different birds. Each year we purchase over 500,000 tonnes of wheat and 200,000 tonnes of soya.

      • Hatching

        This is where our birds are born. Our chicks hatch in warm, climate controlled environments before being immunised and then transported to rearing farms. Hygiene is critical in the early days of a chick’s life, so we demand exacting standards across our seven hatcheries.

    2. Rearing

      Each bird is raised in large, open, climate-controlled houses where the environment is tailored to suit their needs. Birds are free to roam the entire floor space and our well trained farmers ensure they remain healthy and comfortable. We operate or partner with a total of 300 farms across England and Wales. Around 2% of our birds are reared on free-range farms where they have access to the outdoors for at least half of their life.

      • Processing

        Our production sites form the vital link between farm and final product. Our fantastic teams work 24/7 to meet daily demands, ensuring products are fresh and safe to distribute. Food safety and biosecurity is paramount.

      • Transport

        We have specially trained and accredited Catching and Live Haul teams who ensure that our birds arrive at our processing sites quickly and safely.

      1. Primary Processing

        At our primary processing sites, we’ve invested in new technologies to ensure our processes are humane, birds are not distressed and the highest hygiene standards are maintained.

      2. Secondary Processing

        Whole birds are portioned and packed into a wide range of products ready for distribution. Light meat and dark, fillets, drums, thighs and wings – this is where the versatility of poultry really starts to shine.

      3. Further Processing

        Further processing adds extra flavouring, different texture and toppings. This may include the addition of herbs, spices and sauces to give our products extra flavour. Minced products, including great tasting and super healthy sausages, burgers and meatballs are made at this point, too. Meanwhile, at our dedicated Ready to Cook site we create delicious dishes ready for the oven.

      • Distribution

        We go the extra mile to ensure we cater to each of our customers’ unique needs. We know what consumers like, keep track of trends, and most importantly, have a track record of delivering fresh, high quality products on time, every time.

      • Distribution

        Once our products have been processed and packed, all that’s left is to deliver them straight to our customers’ doors.

      1. Supermarket

        Our products end up on the shelves of the UK’s largest supermarkets. As long-standing suppliers, our chicken, turkey and duck is available all year round, with seasonal products launched throughout the year (for example, Christmas or BBQ season).

      2. Restaurant

        From hearty roasts to hot ‘n’ spicy piri piri dishes, our meat is on the menus of some of the nation’s most popular restaurants.

      3. Export

        A portion of our products are sent to Europe, with by-products circulated globally.

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