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Versatile, healthy, delicious

One of the healthiest and most affordable proteins on the market, it’s no wonder chicken tops the table as Britain’s favourite meat. It’s low in fat, high in protein, and the heart of many for the nation’s hero dishes. For over 50 years, we’ve been supplying high quality chicken to some of the most popular supermarkets and restaurants across the UK, overseeing every part of the process from feed mill to shop shelf. You can trust that we do things ethically; all of our chicken is Red Tractor approved.

Our view is that, whatever your background, you should be able to buy good quality, healthy protein from a source you can trust. That’s why we work hard to ensure not only high standards, but that we have a wide range of products to suit every budget.

Making the difference

Our range covers all the basics, spanning from roast chicken to BBQ wings. What makes our chicken so unique, though, is the time and investment we drill into innovation. Our New Product Development team works all-year-round to perfect and extend our range, paying particular attention to creating fresh, no-fuss meals ready for the oven. Our momentum picks up even more during the summer and festive periods, as we launch seasonal ranges that are both tasty and on trend. Whether it be punchy piri piri, hearty garlic or zesty lemon and herb, it’s our finishing touches that make all the difference.

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